Good Morning and Happy Friday Eve!  Yesterday seemed like Thursday all day to me.  I hate that!  Speaking of yesterday, I had my weekly date with the scale.  Remember what happened last week?  Well, I’m happy to report that there were no tears this week.  🙂  I was down 2 pounds which means I am officially out of the 170’s!!!  So happy to be out of that decade and I never want to go back.

I’m thrilled to be down, but I’m not sure I’m diggin’ the evening weigh in thing.  I end up torturing myself ALL day because I don’t want to eat too much or drink too much to make me gain weight.  I didn’t eat anything after lunch and I drank very little water, so by the time I headed to my meeting, I was feeling lightheaded and STARVING.

I can’t weigh in on any weekday mornings because of work and I already tried the Saturday morning meeting.  Although, I don’t plan on drinking, Friday night is still the night that we will most likely go out to dinner.  I’d rather not have my official weigh in the next morning.  I’ve been trying to decide if I really need the meeting and even Weight Watchers for that matter.

For one week, I tracked my Weight Watchers points AND counted calories using MyFitnessPal.  For the this past week, I’ve only counted calories.  No points.  I have nothing bad to say about Weight Watchers and I know plenty of people that have been very successful on the program.

I decided to go back to meetings 16 weeks ago.  In 16 weeks, I’ve lost just over 6 lbs.  I am not blaming the program.  I’m fully aware that you get out what you put in.  I’ve even made it very clear that I haven’t given it my all.  I’m just wondering if I can be more successful having a Wednesday or Thursday morning weigh in at home while counting calories for free online.  What are your thoughts?


Yesterday morning I went to the gym and completed Week 5 Day 1 of Ease into 5k.  I felt great, despite the fact that I was sweating my butt off when I was done.

I always feel like I am sweating more than everyone else at the gym.  Like it’s not normal!

I had 5,000 steps before 6:00am.

There’s not much to say about my eating today because I had less than 500 calories all day. (before my meeting)   When I got home, I was ready for dinner.  We made Baked Buffalo Tenders and some Alexia roasted potatoes.  It was quick, easy and delicious.

After dinner, I realized I was just shy of my Bodybugg goals, so I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood.

Bodybugg Stats
Calories – 2,204 (I changed my calorie allowance from 1,700 to 1,400 on the BB site, so it changed my calorie burned goal from 2,300 to 2,150)
Steps – 10,650
Activity – 1:17

I also signed up for another 5k today.  On June 10, I’ll be participating in the 6th Annual “Change Your Life Flagler 5k.”  I will be done with the Ease into 5k program by then, so I’m hoping that I will see a great improvement in my time.

Have a great day!