Another month is upon us, which means we’re another month closer to swimsuit season.

Time to come up with some goals to make May the best month yet.

May Goals

  1. Lose 6 pounds.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost 6 pounds in a month during this entire journey, so it’s time to make that happen.
  2. Complete the Ease into 5k program.
  3. Get some form of exercise more days than I don’t.
  4. Don’t gain weight on vacation. (Dane and I are going to Pennsylvania later this month to see his family)
  5. Run 1 mile without walking.  This is a big one for me and it should happen next week during Week 6 of Ease into 5k.
  6. Drink 100 oz. of water every day.
  7. Hit my Bodybugg goals every day. (10,000 steps – 2,300 calories burned and 30 mins of moderate activity)
  8. Register for another race.
  9. Don’t eat out more than once a week. (besides vacation)
  10. Try not to weigh every day.  I know it’s not good to step on the scale every single day due to the never ending list of reasons your weight fluctuates on a daily basis.

The only thing stopping me from achieving all of those goals are my own excuses.

I haven’t had any alcohol since this night and I have to admit, it’s been nice waking up on Saturday and Sunday morning without a hangover.  I plan to continue not drinking, but I may have a glass or two of wine on vacation, so that’s why I didn’t include it in my monthly goals.

Let’s make it a GREAT month!!

What are your May goals?