This morning, I did a 5k to benefit the Bill Walter III Melanoma Research Fund. I woke up at 5:30am, got dressed, drank some coffee and had a deli flat with peanut butter and banana.

I left the house around 6:30am even though the race didn’t start til 7:30am and I only had to drive about 5 miles.  I’d rather sit around for 45 minutes than be late.  The sun was just starting to rise when I got over to the beach.

At first I thought the weather was going to be perfect, but as we started running and the sun was more and more exposed, it got HOT.  It was like a huge fireball right next to me.  I decided not to wear my Bondi Band this morning and I was sweating more than I have in any other race.  My eyes were burning the entire    time and my sunglasses were constantly fogged up.  Very annoying.

It really was a beautiful view, but some parts of the beach were soft and difficult to run on, so I lost my footing a couple of times.  In my opinion, this race would be so much better if it was run in the evening.  (When the sun isn’t an issue on the East Coast)

I wasn’t running set intervals, I just ran until I was tired or had to wipe my eyes.  There wasn’t a dry part of my shirt to dry my eyes or my sunglasses.  I finished strong but ended up with a time of 42:12.  I’ve beat myself up after every race, but I felt like I did a good job today considering the heat.  I’m proud of myself for signing up and doing this alone.  A year ago, I never would’ve gone to a race by myself.

Here’s a beautiful picture of me right after.  Don’t I look thrilled?  😉

Considering the fact that this was a small town race, I gotta give them props for having tech tee race shirts.  This is the first time I’ve worn one and I will be getting more.  Makes me not want to wear a cotton shirt while running ever again.  🙂

After the race, I came home and relaxed for a bit and tried to cool down.  Dane was playing in a softball tournament in Deland, so I showered and headed over there to watch them play.  When I took my socks off, I realized one of them was bloody.  Bloody sock totally = official runner, right?  😉

It was HOT and I really had no desire to sit in the sun.  Thankfully I found a nice shaded spot under a tree and read some of Catching Fire.

Our friend Rich got a Slush Puppie from the concession stand.  It looked really refreshing, so I had to get one, too.  Holy cow, this thing was pure sugar.  How did we used to drink this stuff all of the time as kids?

Now, we’re home trying to figure out what we want to do for dinner.  I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!