If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve had  a good couple of weeks, despite the fact that I was questioning my commitment to do this.  I’ve been blabbing about wanting to see a loss 2 weeks in a row and about finally breaking into the 160’s.  I fully expected this weeks weigh-in to reflect this.

I woke up yesterday and got on the scale (at home) like I usually do.  I saw 168.2!  (the lowest I’ve seen yet) Sweet! I made eggs for breakfast but I wasn’t very hungry, so I only ate half of this.

Mid morning I had a 2% Fage with some strawberries.

I went out for lunch with a group of ladies from work to celebrate my friend Nikki’s birthday.  We went to Cracker Barrel and before we even got there, I knew I wanted the chicken and spinach salad.  I’ve had it before and I really like it.

I ordered the dressing on the side and used less than 2 tbsp.

I understand the bacon and the blue cheese crumbles aren’t exactly healthy, but they add a lot to the salad.

For the rest of the afternoon, all I had was a Weight Watchers light string cheese.

I left work early in order to make my 5:30 meeting in Ormond Beach.  I walked in feeling very confident.  The usual receptionist wasn’t there, instead my old leader was working!!! She smiled when she saw me and remembered my name even though I had only gone to a couple of her meetings.  It was right around the time that I went to Virginia Beach with my Turtle friends.  I handed her my weight record, took my shoes off and got on the scale.  She asked me how I was doing and I told her that I’ve had a good couple of weeks.  She said, “That’s great, but today you’re up a little.”  I literally said, “WHAT?”  Up .06. Of course she tried to assure me that it was ok  since I had a great loss last week..yada yada yada.  WHAT???

I didn’t get my 2 losses in a row and I certainly wasn’t in the 160’s.  (My weight was 171).  I wanted to put my shoes on, grab my purse and run out the door.  Instead, I composed myself, grabbed my stuff and took a seat for the meeting.  My new leader always starts off the meeting with celebrations.  Anyone that lost over .02 gets recognized.  During this time, I’m looking at my weight record trying to hold back the tears.  Yes, I’m upset enough that I want to cry.  The topic just so happened to be about not being so hard on yourself when you slip up and make mistakes.  Now, I know I wasn’t perfect this last week, but I was good.  I followed the plan and even ended up leaving all of my weekly points intact.

The meeting ended and the second I got into my car, I started crying.  Like honest to goodness sobbing.  This was the first time I was completely surprised by a gain.  All of the other times, I was well aware that I made bad choices or didn’t track everything like I should.  I got home and Dane noticed that something was wrong.  I took my sunglasses off and he could see that I had been crying.  I’m sure he thought I was crazy, but he hugged me and let me cry it out.

I was upset, but the fact that I was SO emotional, leads me to believe that TOM is coming.  (sorry to the couple of guys that read this)  Which might explain the gain.  A part of me really wanted to say F it and crack open a beer or a bottle of wine.  That would make me feel better, right?  Instead of having a drink, I filled up my water bottle and changed into my running clothes.  Dane made salad with tilapia for dinner.  Yes, I had 2 salads yesterday.

I planned on going for a run after dinner, but I ended up with a headache.  Most likely from crying.

Today is a new day.  I know that we shouldn’t let the scale define us, but sometimes it’s hard to view it that way when your Weight Watchers meeting revolves around the number on the scale.  I’ll keep pluggin’ along and hopefully I’ll be rewarded during my date with the scale next week.

**Update. I typed this before bed last night.  I woke up with TOM this morning.

Have you ever had a surprising weigh in?