How many times have you said that?  Today is one of those days for me because apparently I had a little bit too much fun last night.

The evening started with a few of these.

And ended up with too many unpictured Captain and Diets that were poured by a bartender enemy friend.

We had dinner at Lulu’s with our friends Paul, Julie and Brian.

I had to have the salmon salad again since it was SO good last time we were here.

My sister and I met up for lunch at Caffeine since I had a Groupon.  They have a big deck on the back that features a tiki bar.

I ordered the baja fish tacos and sweet potato fries.

The day started with some eggs.  It seems like I haven’t had eggs for breakfast in a long time.

And Sixteen Candles was on in the background as I did some cleaning.

Now, I’m on the couch trying to feel human again.  Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!  🙂