Is it possible that I’m the most indecisive person in the world?  When I decided to go back to Weight Watchers meetings in December, I thought Saturday mornings would be good for me since I drive an hour to and from work during the week.  That ended up not working out so good because Friday night is usually the night that Dane and I go out for dinner and usually a few drinks.

So, then I thought Thursday night would be good because I had the entire week to reverse any damage done from the weekend.  Well, last night (Wednesday) I went to a meeting because I have a 5k tonight after work.  I really liked the leader!  The minute I walked in the door, she acknowledged me, pointed out that she didn’t know me and asked me how my week was.  During the entire meeting, she was very high energy and knew a lot about her regular members.  I didn’t mind my other leaders, but this one really stood out to me.  So, yeah, I’m going to try Wednesday’s.  🙂

I usually eat less the day of weigh in.  This morning after the gym, I had a banana.

And some yogurt when I got to work.

Around 10:30 I was HUNGRY, so I had a string cheese.

Once a week, my boss’ mom makes lunch for some people in our department.  It’s usually a huge spread and the rest of the afternoon is spent in a food coma.  Today was the day she cooked, but I stayed in and ate my salad.

Have you ever had a salad with a crumbled turkey, chicken or veggie burger?  It’s really good!!

And because an afternoon wouldn’t be complete without chocolate, I had a sugar free pudding.

I had a bag of Weight Watchers pretzels during my meeting – 3PP

When I got home, Dane was working on dinner.  Yes, he does ROCK!  He made a homemade pasta sauce with ground turkey and served it with some rigatoni and fresh grated parmesean.  I was starving and it was delicious!

For dessert I had some crack Publix Chocolate Cookie Quarry frozen yogurt.  I’m certain I could eat the entire container in one sitting.