Last night, the Daytona Cubs had their home opener.  We arrived about 30 minutes early and were surprised how many people were there!  The parking lot was full and there was a lot of people making their way to the entrance.  Our friend arrived a few minutes before us, so he purchased our tickets and met us at the gate.

First stop.  You guessed it…beer.

It’s been very warm in Florida lately but last night it was extremely windy and chilly! That didn’t stop this one from having fun!

I know it’s fuzzy but it cracks me up every time I look at it.  🙂

Sam sat on my sister’s lap, wrapped up in a blanket.  I just love this picture.

Here are some more pictures from the night.


After the game, Dane and I met our friend Brian at Frank’s Front Row to see a band he’s been raving about.  Beebs and Her Money Makers.

Unfortunately, I didn’t care for them much. It wasn’t just the music, there were a few things:

* You can smoke in Frank’s.  It was gross.
* We were sitting right next to the stage, so I couldn’t hear any of the words.
* I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open toward the end.
* I’ve never really been a fan of mixing rock and rap together.

With that said, they were definitely talented, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I know you’re dying to know if I did W1D2 before I went out last night.  I did!  I had to rush a little to get ready, but I was glad I got it done.

Time to start the day! Enjoy your Saturday!  🙂