How does the saying go?  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?  Dane makes fun of me for being organized and making lists.  I think they keep me sane.  Although, there are times I walk around Publix with my list in hand and never even look at it.  Not very productive, I know.  Usually Sunday is the day to make a plan for the week regarding meals and workouts.

As I mentioned earlier, we’re going to a baseball game tonight and then to see a band play.  The game starts at 7:05pm.  I should be home by 5:00pm, so my plan is to change clothes as soon as I get home and head out for W1D2 of EI5k.  It will only take 30 minutes and I know I’ll feel good about starting the weekend off on the right foot.  Since we’ll be out late, there’s a chance I’ll be tired tomorrow, so I don’t need to throw hungover in the mix.  I hate wasting the entire day away because of drinking too much.  So, I told Dane that I would drive tonight. 

My friend Jen asked me what I could do tonight to make sure that I still have a great loss and stay OP next week.  Planning ahead for a night out isn’t something that I usually do.  To be honest, there are times that I don’t even track it and then my entire week is thrown off because I’m not being honest with myself.  Most of the time going to a ballpark = having a hot dog.  It’s a must, isn’t it?  So, I’m going to allow myself that hot dog, 3 beers for the entire night and lots of water. 

On the agenda for Saturday
* 10:45 Zumba (haven’t gone in a long time)
* Shop for groceries/household items/cat supplies @ Publix, Wal Mart & Pet Supermarket.
* Empty litter box, clean & disinfect
* Wash my car/Dane’s truck
* W1D3 of EI5k
* Put together an easter basket for my niece.

On the agenda for Sunday
We’re not positive about our Easter plans.  It seems my family is going to be all over the place, so it will most likely just be like any other Sunday for us.
* Laundry
* Clean bathroom
* 5 mile walk (to the bridge)
* Plan meals for the week
* Plan workouts for the week

I hope having some kind of plan will help keep me on track for the weekend.  I’ll be sure to check in on Sunday to report how this went.  🙂