This morning I would’ve given anything to have been able to stay in bed.  I’m pretty sure Teag felt the same way.

Sorry it’s blurry.  I caught him mid meow.  He sits on the floor right outside the bathroom and watches me get ready in the morning.

When I got to work, breakfast was ready to go since I prepared overnight oats before I went to bed on Sunday.

Dane said it looked like bird food and one of the guys at work always says it looks like cat food.  I think it’s good.  🙂

My lunch looks really boring because I was too lazy to add anything else to it this morning.

After this I was craving chocolate BAD!

Other afternoon snacks:

Dane’s college roommate is in town from Indiana, so we had dinner with him, his wife and their 3 beautiful children.  They were 2 (boy), 4 (girl) & 6 (boy) and were so well behaved.  This was my first time meeting them, so I didn’t want to be the weird girl taking pictures of my food.  🙂

Time for bed.  It’s way past my bedtime.  Good night!