Happy Friday!  I thought it was never going to get here this week.  I feel like I shouldn’t be working today since my sister’s, my sisters boyfriend and Dane are all off today.  Rude.  😉

So, I had weigh in after work yesterday.  Drum roll please…….DOWN 3.2!  Whew, I needed that.  Seeing 4 gains in a row was killing me.  I know I only have myself to blame but it sucks knowing that I was paying to have access to this plan and not following it.  Anywho, I did follow the plan last week and it paid off.  Now to keep it going!

When I got home from weigh in, I was starving!  I made myself a couple of chicken tacos with leftover chicken from earlier in the week and sat down in my chair.  Right in front of my chair is an ottoman that my laptop always sits on.  I glanced over real quick and noticed that there was a brand new laptop in place of my old crappy one that I’m constantly swearing at!!  Dane obviously got sick of hearing me complain and got it for me.  He said he got a really good deal.  How awesome is that?!  I’m extremely lucky.  I can’t wait to play with it some more this weekend. 

Time to get some work done.  Have a great Friday!  🙂