I’m going on a cruise!!  Some of the girls at work had been talking lately about booking one in August.  I went a couple of years ago and haven’t been on vacation with Dane yet, so I was pretty sure I wasn’t going.  That was until Friday, when it was time to put the deposit down.  I was feeling the pressure and Dane said I should go..so I’m going!  We needed a 4th person for our second room, so my sister is going, too!  This will be her first cruise, so I’m really excited.  This is a great motivator for both of us to reach GOAL!  There are a few pictures of my last cruise here.

Saturday’s Eats

Unpictured banana at Weight Watchers meeting – 0PP

Eggs/veggies - 3PP Potatoes - 2PP Bacon (not pictured) - 2PPGreen Monster - 2PP

Pita and hummus - 4PPUnpictured Starbucks Skinny Latte - 2PPClementine - 0PP

Dane's delicious turkey chili - 6PP

2 biscuits and 1 tbsp I Can't Believe it's Not Butter - 6PP

 Total points used for the day = 26DP + 1WP = 27PP