I feel like I’ve become obsessed with the scale recently.  Every morning I get up, go to the bathroom, strip down and step on the scale.  In my head I know that our weight fluctuates daily based on many different things, especially after having soy sauce yesterday.  I feel like the number I see sets the tone for the day.  This journey is about so much more than a number and I know I’m making much healthier choices/following the plan.  So, for this month, I’m challenging myself to only weigh at my Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting. 

Last night for dinner we had tilapia, rice and zucchini with mushrooms and onions.  Dane cooked, so it was extra good.  🙂

After dinner I made another attempt at a 3 Minute Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookie.  (Yes, I used baking powder this time)  🙂

I made one for Dane, too.  I handed it to him and he said, “What’s this?”  I told him it was a cookie.  He said, “It looks like a pancake.”  LOL  He ate the whole thing but he made a point to tell me “it wasn’t my best effort.”  Apparently he prefers the cookies I make with a stick of butter and a cup of sugar.  Imagine that.  🙂

How often do you weigh yourself?