I had weigh in this morning and drum roll please….I lost 2.2!! I was very happy with that.  For the last few weeks, I have really been sticking to the plan.  What do you know..it works!  Most important has probably been tracking every.single.thing I eat.  I haven’t touched any of my WP’s (weekly points) and have only eaten a few of my AP’s (activity points).  I have eTools set up to use my AP’s first.  This has just been a personal choice.  I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself at all.  If I’m hungry, I eat,  I just try to make it a smart/low PP choice.


I didn’t go to Zumba this morning because we’re having my family over for dinner tonight.  When I got home from my Weight Watchers meeting, Dane was making blueberry pancakes.  Yum!

After breakfast, we headed to Publix to get groceries for the week and for tonight. We got a bunch of Publix pizza dough ball’s from the bakery.  We plan on making Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Turkey Pepperoni Pizza and Tomato Basil pizza.  We’ll see how they all turn out.

Have a great Saturday.  It’s 79 degrees here in Florida today!  Perfect!  😉