I planned on running outside today, but there’s a brush fire nearby and it’s SO stinky!  Ick!  I guess I’ll be going to the gym soon to get in my 30 minutes of activity.  Today will be 12 days in a row! 

Dane’s Uncle is in town, so we met up with him and Dane’s Grandma for dinner last night.  His Grandma suggested a local BBQ place since it was close to her house.  I was pretty hungry when we got there, so of course I instantly wanted a pulled pork sandwich on garlic bread with french fries.  I knew I would regret that, so I went with the turkey salad with oil/vinegar dressing on the side.  It was a huge salad, I couldn’t even eat it all. 

Today, we’re meeting them for lunch along with Dane’s Great Aunt and Uncle.  Their restaurant of choice is Olive Garden.  I was just doing some research on the website.  Did you know that one serving of that delicious salad they serve has 26 grams of fat?!?  No lie, check it out here.  My plan is to order the salad w/dressing the side and a bowl of the Pasta e Fagioli soup.  No breadsticks! Ok..maybe one.

When I was younger, I would always order the Tour of Italy.  That dish alone, not counting the salad or breadsticks has 74 grams of fat. OMG!  That’s insane.  It’s no wonder there are so many overweight people in this country.  Counting points with Weight Watchers has really put my old eating habits into perspective. 

Time to get my sweat on before we go to lunch.  Have a great Sunday!