Today is my first day back to work after having 10 days off!  Talk about being completely out of my routine.  Looking forward to eating a lot healthier, drinking my 100 oz. of water a day and tracking everything.  As much as I was looking forward to the holidays, I’m ok with them now being gone.  🙂

Yesterday, I took my dad to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville!  It was the Florida Gators vs. the Ohio State Buckeyes.  The Gators won 24-17! It was a beautiful day and a great game!  My dad hasn’t been to a game like that in a long time, so he thought the whole experience was awesome.  I’m glad we were able to spend my last day of vacation together.

I got this coffee cup from one of my Turtle friends for Christmas.  It’s a great reminder that even though you’re slow, you’re moving!  A lot more than someone sitting on the couch can say.  Speaking of slow, I’m still on Week 3 of the C25K Re-do!  I didn’t go to the gym this morning before work, but I plan on getting back into my 5:00am gym routine this week.  It’s nice getting it done and out of the way. 

Have a great Monday Tuesday!  🙂