I went to my sister’s house after work to visit with her and my niece.  I haven’t seen them in a couple of weeks, because they’ve been passing upper respiratory infections around.  She’ll be 6 months old on the 16th and every time I see her, she’s even more adorable.  She starting to sit up on her own and she’s babbling nonstop.  Too cute!

I just got home and have some things to get done before bed, but I wanted to log my food for the day. 

2 cups coffee – 0PP
2 tbsp fat free creamer – 2PP
1 splenda packet – 0PP
Small piece Banana Chocolate Breakfast Bars – 2PP
1 cup plain greek yogurt – 3PP
1/4 cup frozen berries – 0PP
1 splenda packet – 0PP

Light string cheese – 1PP

Leftover turkey chili – broken down below
3 oz ground turkey – 4PP
Canned diced tomatoes – 0PP
1/4 cup black beans – 1PP
Onion – 0PP
Green pepper – 0PP
Red pepper – 0PP
1 tbsp tomato paste – 0PP
1/4 cup brown rice – 1PP

Banana – 0PP
18 fat free tiny twists pretzels – 3PP

Vegetarian Greek Wrap – 6PP

1/4 cup granola – 3PP

Total = 26PP

Good night!  🙂