I just got back from my meeting!  It’s the first one I’ve been to since July.  I weighed in at exactly 3 lbs less than I was in July.  I really wish that number was higher, but I’m also glad I’m not dealing with a gain.  My new leader told me she rarely see’s someone return to WW weighing less than when they left. 

Points Plus 2012 brings a few changes.  For example, my daily points have gone from 29 to 26.  My leader did say if I’m comfortable and losing at 29, we can change back.  I’m going to give the 26 a try.  Some food point plus values have also changed based on the USDA making changes to nutrition info.  She gave us a print out of these that I will scan on Monday and post.  Here are just a few examples:

Avocado (1 medium): was 3 –>2 PP (woot)
Light beer (12 fl oz): was 3 –> 4 PP (oof)
Regular 4% Cottage Cheese (1 cup): was 6 –> 5 PP
Tomato paste (2 tbsp): was 0 –> 1 PP (and no longer a WW power food)
White wine (4 fl oz): was 4 –> 3 PP (woot)

Dane is playing in a Toys for Tots softball tournament, so we’re off to the ballpark on this beautiful Saturday.  Have a great weekend!  🙂