My WLJ (weight loss journey) began back in March.  I can’t even count the amount of times I said I was going to lose weight before and ended up giving up soon after.  So, what has made me successful this time?  I can’t say enough about the support I’ve received.  Not only from Dane, who is willing to try any of the crazy recipes I come up with, when he’d probably rather be eating pork chops, steak or some chicken wings.  The online support group that I discovered back in June has motivated me and been such an inspiration, every single day. 

Everyone doesn’t wake up every single day with the greatest attitude, the motivation to workout and the desire to eat all of those fruits and veggies.  To hear that you’re not the only that feels that way or to see that someone else accomplished something you thought you could never do, makes you feel like you CAN do this and still be human. 

I haven’t completely given up everything that I used to enjoy, but it’s definitely more in moderation now.  To say that I can’t have beer any more or I won’t eat chocolate again, just isn’t realistic. 

If you feel like you’re lacking the support you need, there are plenty of options available online. has a great weight loss community.  They also have the tools available to track your food and workouts.  Weight Watchers has message boards for all types of people.  I found my support group on the Couch to 5k thread.  Not to mention, the gazillions of weight loss/fitness blogs out there. 

For everyone in my life that has supported me and isn’t sick of hearing about it yet…