Unfortunately, I don’t mean weight this time.  🙂  I packed a bag of goodies to bring to work including my baked oatmeal for breakfast, greek yogurt, granola and berries for a snack, a banana, an apple and a string cheese, but no lunch.  D’oh!  I completely forgot to bring something.  I’m not in the best mood today (stupid girl issues) and it’s absolutely gorgeous out (75 and sunny), so I decided to run out and get something. I ended up going to Colorado Burrito Company. I ordered a Chicken Burrito with black beans.

I planned on only eating half.  Ahem…yeah, I had the whole thing.  It was filled with black beans!! I didn’t have anything along with it, although, I was very tempted to get a side of chips and salsa.  I would definitely order this again.

I joined a gym in Ormond Beach yesterday!  The Gold’s Gym where my youngest sister is a member.  She has a crazy schedule now that she has an almost 5 month old, so I’m not sure that we’ll get the opportunity to work out together much.  Hopefully I can join her for some spin classes on the weekends when my knee starts to feel better. On Monday, I plan to start my early morning workouts again.  I did it for several months back in the spring/early summer.  We’ll see how it goes now that I have a 45 minute drive to work.  Here’s my plan:

4:45 – Wake up
5:00 – Arrive at the gym
5:00-5:45 – Work out
6:00 – Arrive at home
6:00-6:15 – Eat something quick & jump in the shower.
7:00-7:05 – Leave the house for work.
7:45-7:55 – Arrive at work.

Totally doable, right?  Whew!  🙂  I need to focus on getting into bed before 10:00pm!  I’ve been staying up til 11-11:30 lately.

I’m staying in St. Augustine tonight.  Plan is to start packing while watching the CMA’s.