I’ve been following the Weight Watchers plan since June of this year.  (I started my weight loss journey in March)  By now, all of my friends, family and co-workers know about this.  One of the things that annoys me  most is when I’m eating something not-so-healthy and someone says, “Hey, you can’t eat that, you’re on a diet!”  I just want to yell, *I AM NOT ON A DIET!*

For the first time in many years, I finally realize that this isn’t about eating really healthy for a short period of time and then going right back to my unhealthy ways. This is the way I need to live the rest of my life.  If I’m eating “healthy” 90% of the time, there’s nothing wrong with indulging  once in awhile.  If I completely cut myself off from something, eventually I’ll end up freaking out and eat WAY more than I need.

Slow = My metabolism. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a few years ago.  I took meds for a short time and then…stopped.  Why you ask?  No good reason.  I went to the doctor in April of this year. (a different doctor) I told him that I was previously diagnosed.  Of course he asked why I wasn’t taking my meds.  He said not taking them was like, “Trying to run with one leg.”  So, of course he took my blood to check my levels.  We still don’t have the correct dosage figured out.  I have to go back next week to get checked again. 

Because of this issue, I should be getting in some activity every single day. 

A friend of mine is a physical therapist.  She thinks my knee problem is Chondromalacia. I’m meeting with her tomorrow for an evaluation.  I’m excited to start some exercises to build the surrounding muscles, so I can resume running.  I actually miss it!

Time for bed.  Tomorrow is Friday Eve!  I’ll leave you with this funny.