Not only did October fly by, but where did this entire year go? 10 months ago, Dane and I started dating.  At that time, I had no idea that this would end up being one of the best years of my life!

New month means new goals.  Here are a few of my November goals:

  • Work on building leg strength, so my knee pain subsides and I can run again.
  • Track everything I eat, every day.  (even on weekends)
  • Lose 5 lbs.
  • Join a gym in Ormond Beach. (where I’m moving to)
  • Start working out in the morning again.

Tonight was Biggest Loser night.  Did you watch?  This has been one of my favorite shows for many years now.  Because I’ve been trying to lose weight for several months, this show is becoming more and more unrealistic to me.  I understand the contestants aren’t working and they have access to to everything on the ranch at all times, but 15 lbs in 1 week?! Really?  If I lose between 1-2 lbs. in a week, I’m ecstatic! 

Time to get ready for bed.  On a sidenote, I tried going to Google before typing this post but the site was DOWN? What do you mean it’s down?! Can you imagine a world without Google now?