Things are a little crazy for me right now.  I’m completely out of my routine, not to mention I’m in between moves.  Change has always been pretty overwhelming for me.  Even if it ends up being a great thing in the end, it’s hard to get back on the wagon when you’ve been slacking. 

The plan is to move in with Dane (soon).  He lives about 45 minutes south (Ormond Beach) of where I work (St. Augustine).  Right there, that is almost 2 hours of my day gone.  In the spring, I was getting up at 4:50am every weekday to hit the gym.  It sounds a little crazy to me now, but at the time I felt great.  It was nice getting it overwith, so I didn’t have all day to come up with excuses of why I wouldn’t do it later.  Not to mention, I had so much more energy throughout the day.  I’m not a member of gym in Ormond (which reminds me, I need to cancel my membership in Jax) yet, but I definitely want to join one soon.  As much as I like running/walking outside, it’s obviously very dark at 5:00am, not to mention it will be colder soon.  Yes, it does get cold in Florida.  (to me anyway)

At this point, I need to come up with a plan to at least get some activity in, because today I’m really feeling the lack of exercise. So, here’s my temporary plan:

  • Saturday – Morning run. (outside)
  • Sunday – Long walk.
  • Monday – Early morning walk/run/workout dvd
  • Tuesday – Early morning walk/run/workout dvd
  • Wednesday – Early morning walk/run/workout dvd
  • Thursday – Early morning walk/run/workout dvd
  • Friday – Rest

Once I officially move in, I figure I can set up my TV and DVD player in one of the spare bedrooms and use that for some workouts.  It’s not being used, so I’m not really taking over, am I? 🙂

I would also like to plan out all of my meals for the week to help keep me on track.  I will do that over the weekend.

Here are some mini goals for the week:

  • Drink at least 100 oz. of water a day.
  • Bring breakfast and lunch to work every day.
  • Don’t go over my 29 daily points


Is it 5:00 yet?  HAPPY FRIDAY!!